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Dealing With Difficult Customers

Staff Development >> Dealing With Difficult Customers


This interactive course explains how to communicate in a professional manner  with demanding customers. We focus on the importance of remaining calm when under pressure, and look at ways of establishing rapport and managing the customers’ expectations.


  • Recognise the importance of not taking complaints personally, but to respond in a professional manner
  • Taking ownership of the problem(s)
  • Create a positive dialogue with disappointed and angry customers.
  • Resolving customers’ complaints in a professional manner
  • Appreciate the value to you, and your customers when you remain calm and resist pressure
  • Managing the customers  expectations through clear and concise dialogue

Course Overview

  • Why do customers get angry?
  • Methods for coping with pressure and remaining calm
  • How are we are judged?
  • Using positive Language
    • Positive words and statements
    • What not to say
  • Effective questioning skills to fully understand the customers perspective
  • Managing the issues and remaining professional

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Course Details

Course Duration
1 day

Who is it for?
All staff who provide customer service


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