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Passionate about Training & Development

At Good Practice Training, we feel that training and development should be highly interactive, relevant and enjoyable. Ensuring maximum engagement and providing training and development that makes a real difference. We have provided a comprehensive range of in-house training courses throughout the UK for a wide variety of clients, in both the public and the private sector. Our clients consistently provide us with excellent feedback for our enthusiasm and methodology.

We fully appreciate that organisations have differing needs, key priorities and performance objectives. By adopting a consultative approach, we are able to meet your specific training requirements.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer a high-quality service that represents excellent value. As an example, a day’s course at your premises for up to 15 participants is priced from £695.00. Our fees include consultation, all course preparation, course materials, delivery and all trainer expenses.

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In House Courses

Staff Development

Good Practice Training provides staff development courses which are highly engaging. They will make a real difference to each and every person in your organisation, helping to drive your business forward. We provide development training for people at all organisational levels. We help individuals, teams, managers, directors and even entire organisations to make them better at what they do, and able to undertake any challenges with a renewed motivation and confidence.

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Equality & Diversity

To meet the diverse needs of service users and staff, employers need to be pro-active in all that they do to promote equality and diversity. For organisations to successfully implement equal opportunities, staff need to update their equality and diversity knowledge, skills, and experience. If you do face a discrimination claim, you will be asked to produce records of staff training in this area. Merely having a policy in place is not enough. Our workshops are highly participative and challenging, and will give delegates a clear understanding of their responsibilities. We offer courses for staff at all levels, ranging from basic awareness events to managing inclusion and achieving diversity and equality objectives. We can also design a program specifically for your organisation if necessary. View Courses

Management Development

Effective management is essential especially in today’s climate we help people develop the skills they need to be more confident and increase their performance. We don’t just concentrate on theory we look at practical, objective ways to make a real measurable difference. All our trainers who train in management development have worked as managers themselves, so they can identify with the challenges managers face. View Courses

Sales Skills

Our sales training is delivered by trainers who have experience of working in a sales role, and they consistently receive excellent feedback for their enthusiasm and expertise. Are approach is to consult with you to understand your business and fully understand your objectives, we have a range of sales training courses that can be tailored or we can provide a bespoke course for you. Are approach is to make every course highly interactive and to equip the participants with techniques relevant to their roles.

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Presentation Skills

Effective presentation skills are vital in many positions in today’s working environment. When you can present in an effective and professional manner opportunity for promotion is greatly increased. We cover every aspect of presenting effectively and work together to provide you with the right course. We will provide you with all the essential skills you need so you can present with confidence. Our Presentation skills training is delivered by trainers with strong corporate backgrounds, having a proven track record of presenting at a professional level, they can pass on their expertise to you focusing on what works and makes a real difference.

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  • Feedback from the course has been overwhelmingly positive and the trainer was commended in particular for her presentation skills.

    Course: Equality Impact Assessment, UNIVERSITY OF WALES

  • My expectations were exceeded and consider this to be one of the best and most relevant training courses I have attended.

    Course: Project Management, MENCAP

  • The course was excellent the trainer was very informative with a totally engaging teaching style.

    Course: Equality and Diversity, LINCOLN COLLEGE

  • I totally enjoyed the course which provided me with the opportunity to analyse situations and create positive solutions.

    Course: Introduction to Management, THE EDEN PROJECT

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