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Customer Service Excellence



Research suggests that up to 92% of customers  and potential customers  do not complain about poor service! They just don’t come back, and certainly do not recommend your business to anyone else. Add to this the vast amount of people who say they generally receive mediocre service and go elsewhere, and imagine how much revenue is lost. Ask yourself the question, ‘how often do you receive excellent customer service’?

This practical course will provide you with all the best practice skills required to impress your customers and consequently lead to increased motivation and performance.


  • Clarifying what professional service actually is
  • Understanding how customers judge the service they receive
  • Recognising how a positive attitude makes a huge difference to service
  • Understanding the differences between mediocre and excellent customer service
  • Identifying the techniques that make all the difference to service delivery
  • Establishing and removing any barriers that prevent you from providing consistent excellent customer service
  • Prepare an action plan to establish areas of focus and put in place objective measurements for monitoring improvements   

Course Overview 

  • Clarifying what customers really expect from us
  • Exploring your own experiences of customer service
  • How are we judged by our customers
    • Subjective
    • Objective
  • Making the customer feel valued
  • Defining professional service delivery
  • Creating loyal customers
  • Positive attitude and the difference it cam make to customer service
  • Defining barriers to providing excellent service
  • Putting it to the test
  • Feedback session and preparation of an action plan

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Who is it For?
This course is for anyone who provides customer service especially face-to-face service

Course Duration
1 day


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