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Coaching Skills For Managers



This coaching skills course has been designed to deliver the practical techniques you need to provide an open, supportive, flexible,  and confident approach to coaching.  Throughout the day you will practice the necessary steps involved in professional coaching,  and receive feedback from the trainer.


  • Define what coaching is and explain the managers role in the coaching process
  • Know when you have created a positive coaching environment
  • Follow a specific procedure for coaching success
  • Use the GROW model to provide successful coaching conversations
  • Identify coaching opportunities and appreciate which style of coaching to use.

 Course Overview

What is Coaching? – A review of what coaching is and the key skills required of a good coach.

My Experience – A look at the participants own experience of having been ‘coached’ in the past, examining their feelings, and the outcomes.

Minefield – A fun activity that allows participants to practice the skills of a coach and review the learning points.

The Manager as Coach – A look at the role of the manager and how coaching fits into this.

The Coaching Environment – Examining the environment in which positive coaching can take place. One where staff feel, challenged and supported enough to achieve positive results.

The procedures involved for Coaching Success – Providing participants with a set structure to create a results-driven environment, in which coaching plays an integral part.

The Coaching Conversation – Explaining the GROW model and specific questions based around this in order to enable participants to carry out effective coaching conversations. There is also a chance to put the skills into practice.

Questioning – Looking at different questioning methods, the advantages of each and asking participants to provide examples.

Whose  Agenda? – Encouraging the participants to help the coachee explore issues by encouraging rather than telling, practicing their questioning, in a safe environment.

Active Listening – Understanding what active listening is and how to ensuring they use it.

Coaching Opportunities – Identifying what coaching opportunities there are in the workplace and then applying the skills from the course to a coaching practice session.

At the end of this course you will have the opportunity to complete an action plan.

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Course Details

Who is it for?
This course is designed for all managers and supervisors who need to assist their staff in developing new skills.


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