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Running Productive Sales Meetings



Sales meetings are extremely important for any business in gaining new customers, and maintaining good relationships with your existing customers’. This course focuses on all the necessary skills involved in running sales meetings  at a professional level,  enabling you to maximise your success rate at every meeting.


  • Demonstrate effective professional preparation methods
  • Fully understanding your clients’ needs requirements
  • Adapting your approach to match the customers’ business
  • Manage and control the meeting with a positive mind-set
  • Presenting your products and service clearly and concisely maximising interest
  • Gaining commitment throughout the meeting
  • Understanding the effective ways of building and maintaining a business relationship

 Course overview


  •  The dynamics of communication in meetings
  • The variation in meeting types
  • Obtaining all of the relevant information to build a clear understanding of their business
  • What is it that your prospect really needs and why?
  • Using the twelve points of effective preparation

Structuring the meeting

  • Planning the agenda to manage the meeting
  • Using techniques to gather all the relevant information
  • Establishing timings for the key points of your message
  • Using professional links between points to maximise clarity and creating interest in your message
  • Building in contingencies for the unexpected

 Personal presentation

  • Creating a great first impression
  • Communicating  professionally throughout the meeting
  • Demonstrating listening skills
  • Ensuring commitment from the customer throughout the key points of your message
  • Focusing on your body language and tone of voice to clearly and confidently present your message
  • Use the appropriate visual aids correctly to add impact and understanding for your audience
  • Practicing methods to boost your confidence
  • Dealing with challenging situations and difficult questions
  • How to remain in control when communicating with different personality types

 Personal development

During the course you will be able to prepare specific action points for your personal development.


Please bring  information on the products and services you normally provide to enable you to use on the course.

Productive Sales Meetings - Course Details

Download a pdf copy of the course details here 


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Course Details

Who is it for?
Suitable for any sales person who is involved or soon will be involved in running sales meetings

Course duration
2 days


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