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Boosting Your Confidence When Presenting

Presentation Skills >> Boosting your confidence when presenting



Presenting to a group of people can be daunting, and if you are not able to control your nerves
it can ruin your presentations. This practical course is designed to look at the component
parts of presenting, with a particular attention to controlling your nerves and boosting your
confidence. The course has a maximum group size of 8 participants allowing the time required to practice new techniques.


  • How to create a successful introduction
  • Structuring your presentation to make it easier for you to follow
  • Using multimedia tools effectively
  • Learning how to relax and stay focused
  • Using techniques to counteract negative thoughts
  • Project confidence and authority using
    • Tone
    • Body language
    • Selective terminology
  • Learn how to finish your presentation positively maximising impact
  • How to deal with the audience and handle challenging situations confidently
  • Complete a detailed step-by-step action plan for your development

Course Overview

Preparing your presentation

  • Preparing your introduction
    • The three stage introduction
  • Understanding the audience and adapt the presentation accordingly
  • Understanding how to get your points across concisely
  • Creating links to make your presentation flow
  • Techniques to make your presentation interesting

Controlling nerves and building confidence

  • Controlling your nerves,
  • Techniques to build confidence
  • Body language and the impact on the audience
  • Projecting your voice to maintain interest

Delivering your presentation

  • Practicing your introduction (the three stage model)
  • Projecting confidence through your body language
  • Making sure your pace and tone are correct for maximum impact
  • Using multimedia tools appropriately
    • The common mistakes people make
    • Tips from the experts
  • Dealing with difficult audience members and difficult questions
  • Successful closing techniques – finishing on a positive for maximum impact

Personal Development

  • Create a detailed step-by-step  action plan for your development


Course Details

Who is it for?
Any member of staff who finds their nerves get the better of them when presenting

Course Duration
1 day


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