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This one-day practical presentation workshop will give you the opportunity to thoroughly
practice your presentation skills, providing you with increased confidence, and new techniques to enhance your presentations.


  • How to create a successful introduction
  • Create a compelling structure
  • Put your message across clearly using multimedia tools
  • Learning how to relax and stay focused
  • Make your presentation memorable and create impact
  • Project confidence and authority using your voice and body language
  • How to deal with the audience and handle challenging situations

Course Overview

Preparing your presentation

  • Structuring your presentation
  • Understanding your audience
  • Creating a journey and maintaining interest
  • Linking your presentation to the main objective
  • Timing your presentation

Building Confidence

  • Controlling your nerves
  • Techniques to build confidence
  • The impact of a confident presenter on his/her audience

Delivering your presentation

  • Creating a successful introduction
  • Project confidence through your body language
  • Making sure your pace and tone are correct for maximum impact
  • using multimedia tools appropriately
  • Top-tips to make your presentation interesting and memorable

Personal Development

  • Create a detailed action plan for your development

Pre-course Activity

Please bring along one of your own presentations. It could be a presentation that you have
delivered and would like to improve or one that you need to deliver in the near future.

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Course Details

Who is it for?
For those who have some experience in delivering presentations and are looking for further feedback on how they can refine their presentation skills.

Course Duration
1 day or half-day option


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