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Advanced Presentation Skills

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This highly participative course is designed for people who have experience in presenting but are looking to take their presentations to the next level.  Utilising proven detailed methods  from the planning stage  through to the delivery.

Working within a small group we will focus on a number of proven techniques to really make a difference to improving your presentations, with expert guidance and recordings of your presentations for accurate feedback and suggestions.


  • Creating maximum impact with your introduction
  • Understanding different methods of delivery for varied audiences
  • Create and maintain interest throughout the presentation
  • Using  visuals correctly to ensure your presentation maximises impact
  • Using nervous energy to enhance your delivery
  • Dealing with difficult people, handling objections and remaining calm 

  Course Overview

  • How to effectively plan your presentation, avoiding the common mistakes
  • Structuring your presentations to create a journey for the audience
  • Creating clear, concise and confident introductions.
  • Influencing and motivational techniques
  • Utilising methods to keep you on-track
  • Delivering in a natural way,  and connecting with your audience
  • Linking to create a seamless presentation 
  • Vocal skills, projection, tone, enthusiasm, language and pace
  • How professional presenters communicate through body language

Personal Development

At the end of this two-day workshop you will have a detail action plan and copies of your presentations.

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Who is it for?
You already have experience in presenting but want to improve your skills to make your presentations really stand out, increasing impact and making the difference between an average presentation and an outstanding one.

Course Duration
2 days


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