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Essential Sales Skills

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This practical course is designed to dispel any ‘fear of selling’ and equips attendees with the
essential skills and techniques necessary to maximise opportunities and build successful longterm business relationships.


  • Developing essential skills of successful sales people
  • Understanding the sales structure
  • Creating more appointments
  • Selling using a consultative approach
  • Understanding how sales psychology impacts on the process
  • Developing rapport with your customers
  • Maximising problem solving techniques to overcome objections
  • How successful people stay motivated
  • Increasing confidence and closing the sale
  • Using a detailed self assessment for future improvement

Course overview

The fundamentals of selling

  • What makes people buy?
  • The skills and qualities for success
  • Appreciate that ‘It’s you they buy’
  • The importance of enthusiasm and drive

Creating successful appointments

  • Getting to speak to the decision makers
  • Choosing the right language to gain interest quickly
  • Establishing the best methods within your market place to maximise opportunities

The sales process

  • Appreciate the dynamics of the sales process
  • The importance of personal presentation
  • Adapting your approach to accordingly
  • Follow the four-stage sales cycle
  • Understand the customer’s motivation
  • Understand the importance of positive language
  • Understanding the customers perspective
  • Building your confidence to communicate with people at all levels
  • Handling objections
  • Learn various types of closing strategies
  • Prepare a detailed action plan for future development


Course Details

Who is it for?
For managers and staff at all levelsThis workshop has been designed for people who are new to sales, or for anyone in a sales role that has not received any formal training.

Course Duration
1 day


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