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Sales and Marketing Skills, Closing the Sale

Sales Skills >> Closing the Sale


This highly interactive course reviews the sales process paying particular attention to closing the
sale and dealing with objections. It is suitable for any person involved in the final stages of the
sales process.


  • Appreciate the dynamics of the sales process
  • Follow the four-stage sales cycle
  • Deal confidently with decision makers
  • Develop an in-depth understanding into human behaviour and personality styles
  • Understand the customer’s motivation
  • Use features and benefits appropriately
  • Understand the importance of positive language
  • Be able to identify the appropriate time to apply a close
  • Learn various types of closing strategies
  • Discuss and resolve any individual sales issues
  • Deal with a customer’s indecision
  • Understand types of objections
  • Gain greater confidence in handling objections positively
  • Develop their own natural closing style
  • Adopt a professional approach to relationship selling


Course Details

Who is it for?
Those responsible for promoting their organisation and responsible for closing the sale

Course Duration
1 day


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