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Sales and Marketing Skills, Building Business Relationships

Sales Skills >> Building Business Relationships


This one-day course is designed to dispel any ‘fear of selling’ and equips attendees with the
essential skills and techniques necessary to maximise opportunities and build successful longterm business relationships.


  • Understand relationship dynamics
  • Appreciate that ‘It’s you they buy’
  • Be able to create empathy
  • Develop superb listening skills
  • Be able to identify prospects and sources of potential new business (optional)
  • Recognise and respond to buying-signals
  • Use persuasive and engaging language
  • Use features and benefits appropriately
  • Develop an understanding into human behaviour and personality styles
  • Deal confidently with decision makers with the right questions and the right messages
  • Successfully by-pass ‘gatekeepers’ and secure appointments
  • Build credibility and differentiate performance by being truly consultative by asking intelligent questions
  • Anticipate resistance and overcome objections
  • Develop confidence based on a natural style of presenting
  • Build their own natural sales style
  • Adopt a professional approach to relationship selling


Course Details

Who is it for?
Those responsible for promoting their organisation and building good business relationships

Course Duration
1 day


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